Daniel Mitov Ready for Foreign Minister Role Amid Geopolitical Test in Bulgaria

Daniel Mitov, Deputy Chairman of GERB, has expressed his readiness to assume the position of Acting Foreign Minister. Mitov's announcement comes amidst mounting tensions surrounding the delay in appointing a new head diplomat, posing significant challenges to the organization of elections abroad.

Why is Mitov considered for the post of acting foreign minister read here.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Proposes Foreign Minister Replacement after Instructions from Borissov

Amidst a flurry of political maneuvers, Bulgaria finds itself in the midst of a cabinet reshuffle that could have far-reaching implications for its foreign policy. Acting Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev has proposed the replacement of Stefan Dimitrov as Foreign Minister with Daniel Mitov from GERB.

Boyko Borissov: We Will Propose Daniel Mitov for Next Prime Minister

GERB party is proposing Daniel Mitov to be Bulgaria's next Prime Minister, Boyko Borissov, Prime Minister and leader of GERB party that won the largest share of votes in the April 4 parliamentary elections, said on April 14 at a meeting of the party's parliamentary group.

BNR with a New Director General

Bulgaria's Electronic Media Council has elected Andon Baltakov as the new director general of the Bulgarian National Radio in a voting held earlier today. He was appointed with 4 votes in favour and one abstention in the second voting of the media regulator, BNR said on its website.

Over 62 Take Part in the 3rd Edition of the Cinema Festival in Shumen

Sixty-two films took part in the third edition of the Cinema Festival in Shumen. The best movies will be awarded on February 10 at 17.00 in the folk community center "Dobri Voynikov" in the district town, according to the cultural institution.

The first ever mobile film festival in Bulgaria aims to promote independent filmmaking with the help of modern mobile technologies.