The most Expensive Apple in the World, Worth EUR 100 Thousand Grows in Plovdiv Garden

The most expensive apple in the world grows in the village of Trilistnik in Plovdiv. It costs 100,000 euros and will become the property of only one woman.

The unique fruit is now ripe in the orchard of Krasimir Kumchev in the village of Trilistnik in Plovdiv, Nova TV reported. The farmer grows 700 acres of apples. Most of them produce for consumption and another for boutique gifts.

ADMIE to concede stake in Ariadne

State grid operator ADMIE intends to concede up to 39 percent of its special purpose vehicle Ariadne, created to undertake the power interconnection between Crete and Attica. The stake will be sold to third-party investors, with priority to be granted to certified power transmission operators from fellow European Union states.

Prosecutor in central Greece opens probe into child deaths

A prosecutor in Lamia, central Greece, has ordered an investigation into the deaths of two children - a 13-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy - after being treated for peritonitis at the city's general hospital and their subsequent transfer to the capital's Aglaia Kyriakou children's hospital.

Dionysus, Pan sculptures found at site of 2,100-year-old goddess Kybele in northern Turkey

Turkish archaelogists have announced a significant discovery in the Kurul Castle in the northern Turkish province of Ordu, hailing that more ancient items, including the sculptures of Dionysus and Pan, have been unearthed at the site where a 2,100-year-old marble mother goddess sculpture of Kybele was found in 2016. Click through for the story in photos...