Velfies the new selfies (pics)

Move over selfies, the ‘Velfies’ are here! The new trend is capturing short videos from apps and uploading them online. From lip-syncing famous movie scenes to interviewing job candidates the new fad is catching fast in India with Bollywood stars jumping on the wagon, while a number of politicians are using the apps to promote their political agendas and boost their campaigns.

Best selfie, groufie spots of Greece (photos)

Love them or hate them, selfies are here to stay… in the car, at the beach, at concerts, sporting events, even from the comfort of your own bed – especially there. Greece has a number of selfie and groupfie spots that are ideal for that perfect Instagram pose. In fact travel site listed Athens as one of the top 10 selfie capitals of the world.

Tourists destroy priceless Italian monument while trying to take a selfie

Cremona, Italy, suffered a huge cultural loss recently, through the sheer stupidity of two tourists who tried to take a selfie.


The huge marble crown of the “Two Hercules statue” smashed into pieces when two visitors tried to climb on it and take a selfie.


Iranian Twitter users get playful with U.S. President Obama

Twitter may be officially banned in Iran, but this did not stop Iranians from tweeting snapshots of themselves as U.S. President Barack Obama gave his speech on the Iranian nuclear deal, broadcast live on TV uncensored.

Young Iranians grabbed at the opportunity to take unusual selfies - against the TV screens with Obama - and then post these to social media.

Selfie sticks banned in museums

London's National Gallery has banned selfie sticks, it said on March 11, following the lead of museums around the world alarmed by the possible hazards to visitors and artworks.

Selfie sticks, the hugely popular extending rods onto which a smartphone or camera can be fitted to provide a better angle for a self-portrait, are classed as tripods under the National Gallery's rules.