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Survey Reveals Deep Discontent and Frustration with Bulgaria's Political Landscape

Amidst mounting frustration and disillusionment, a recent survey conducted by the Market Links agency sheds light on the prevailing sentiments surrounding Bulgaria's political landscape. The findings, commissioned by bTV and encompassing responses from 1046 adults surveyed between March 30 and April 7, paint a bleak picture of public opinion.

GERB Leads with 10% Margin in Bulgarian Polls Ahead of the Elections

In the run-up to Bulgaria's National Assembly elections, a recent Gallup International survey conducted for BNT has unveiled intriguing insights into the political landscape of the country. The survey, carried out between March 28 and April 5, canvassed 805 adult Bulgarians, providing a snapshot of voter sentiments as the nation stands on the cusp of pivotal political decisions.

Bulgarian Legal Commission Voted In Favor of Cabinet with Dimitar Glavchev as Prime Minister

In a swift decision that sets the stage for a new caretaker government, the Committee on Legal Affairs in Bulgaria has voted in favor of appointing Dimitar Glavchev as Prime Minister, also serving as the Chairman of the Audit Chamber.

Bulgaria’s populists reject mandate to form government, set stage for snap vote

Bulgaria's populist There Is Such a People (ITN) party has declined to try to form a new national government, paving the way for President Rumen Radev to call snap elections.

ITN's move came after the center-right GERB party and its former coalition partner We Continue the Change (PP) both said they could not form a new government.

Bulgarian National Assembly Declares First Mandate Unsuccessful - Will there be a Second?

Today, the Bulgarian National Assembly has voted to end the first mandate aimed at forming a government with Prime Minister candidate Mariya Gabriel. The decision, reached after only one hour of debates where representatives from GERB and DPS abstained, signals the conclusion of the initial phase of government formation efforts.

'We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria' to GERB: Propose a Prime Minister and End the Crisis

In a tense parliamentary session, Atanas Atanasov, co-chairman of "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria," delivered a new proposal to GERB, urging the party to nominate a mutually acceptable candidate for prime minister and fulfill the second mandate as a general one.