Natural gas

SOCAR AQS opens 40 wells in Turkey’s gas storage project

Azerbaijan's integrated drilling and oil services management company, SOCAR AQS, opened 40 wells to expand the storage capacity of the Salt Lake (Tuz Gölü) Natural Gas Storage Facility in central Anatolia, head of SOCAR AQS said on May 27.

Around $103 million will be invested for storage expansion at the Salt Lake facility, SOCAR AQS Director General Ramin Isayev told Anadolu Agency.

Share of renewables in energy generation soars in Turkey

Nearly half of Turkey's electricity production in April was generated by hydroelectric power plants, while the share of wind tribunes passed that of natural gas plants, according to data released by the Energy and Natural Resources Ministry on May 2.

Electricity production decreased by 16.3 percent to 19.1 billion kilowatt-hours compared to April 2019.

Electricity demand in Turkey ‘alarmingly’ low: Association

Electricity generation at natural gas plants has decreased dramatically due to decline in demand, Electricity Producers Association head Cem Aşık said on April 23.

"We expect a decrease of 20 percent in demand this month. The decrease in demand will be 17 percent in May and 4 percent in June, according to our estimates," he said.