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EUR 30m in EU funds on hand for digital transformation of SMEs

Ljubljana – A total of EUR 30 million in funds will be allocated to small and medium-sized enterprises in Slovenia as part of a call for applications for digital transformation of SMEs (P4D React EU), the government has announced. The entire amount will be contributed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Corrected analysis shows Slovenia around EU average for green, digital investment

Ljubljana/Brussels – The Brussels-based think tank Bruegel has revised its recent analysis of national recovery and resilience plans. While Slovenia originally stood out by its low share of digital and green investments, the updated figures place Slovenia in the middle of the rankings.

Analysis: Slovenia’s recovery plan with lowest shares of funds for green, digital goals

Brussels – Slovenia’s recovery and resilience plan is leading the way in terms of a high share of “other” investments, while the shares of “digital” and “green” investments are the lowest among the 23 EU member states’ plans analysed by Bruegel, a Brussels-based think tank.

PNRR/ Citu: It's a different programme, besides investments, it comes with reform side

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) was elaborated at the level of the EU following the economic crisis provoked by the COVID pandemic, a different plan, because, besides the investment component, it includes reforms assumed by each country, said, on Wednesday, in Parliament, Prime Minister Florin Citu.

Support to companies must not be withdrawn too fast, finance minister says

Brussels – Finance Minister Andrej Šircelj took part on Saturday in an informal session of the EU’s Economic and Financial Affairs Council, focussing on efforts to ensure a balanced and inclusive post-pandemic recovery. He said that despite the recent improvement in the economic forecasts support should not be lifted too quickly.