Nikos Voutsis

SYRIZA on course for implosion

Main opposition SYRIZA has been plunged into turmoil again, after the proposal by its leader Stefanos Kasselakis to hold a referendum about the expulsion of prominent dissenters from the party appears to have backfired as senior figures that had so far backed him expressed their disagreement.

Umbrella faction takes further step towards rift with new statement

Top officials and hundreds of members of the main opposition party published a document on Thursday in which they raised further concerns about the direction SYRIZA has taken since the elections of its new leader, Stefanos Kasselakis, as turmoil within the party continues to brew. 

Speaker defends Parliament transfers, deputy apologizes

As the uproar over the pre-election transfer to Parliament of civil servants related to SYRIZA officials continued on Friday, House Speaker Nikos Voutsis said he felt "not a trace of guilt," while another senior SYRIZA official, Deputy Speaker Tasia Christodoulopoulou, apologized for appointing her daughter and said she would not run in snap general elections next month.

House Speaker defends controversial Parliament transfers

Greek House Speaker Nikos Voutsis has defended the scheduled transfers of public sector staff to Parliament which were criticized by the conservative opposition Thursday as a blatant case of nepotism and corruption after it emerged that many of them concerned relatives of high-ranking SYRIZA officials.