Premier Ludovic Orban: Economy is on the rebound

Prime minister Ludovic Orban said on Friday in southern Craiova that Romania's economy "is on the rebound", showing that data published by the National Statistics Institute (INS), according to which the economy registered a decline of 12.3 pct in the second quarter of this year compared to the first quarter, are better than the pessimistic forecasts made by economists.

PM Orban says elections possible without increasing risk of spreading virus

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Wednesday that the local elections set for September 27 could be held without increasing the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus and underlined that conducting the vote depends on the fairness of candidates and their supporters. "I believe that we can hold the elections without increasing the risk of spreading the virus.

PM Orban: If Parliament rejects state of alert, risk of new epidemic wave very high

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said that if Parliament rejects the state of alert, the risk of a new epidemic wave will be "very high", because the authorities "will be deprived of the tools, the legal, constitutional levers they need in order to ensure compliance with the rules." "I am convinced that the representatives of the citizens in the Romanian Parliament will think about this more.

PM Orban: Gov't to approve resumption of certain activities, more relaxation measures as of June 15

The government will issue a decision to approve the resumption of certain activities and more relaxation measures starting with June 15, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban declared on Thursday. "At the meeting of the National Committee for Emergency Situations we have decided to propose for approval by government decision the resumption of certain activities and more relaxation measures.

PM Orban rules out spectators at soccer matches after June 15

At a meeting on Thursday with officials of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, the Ministry of Health, the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) and the Professional Football League (LPF), Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said that the presence of spectators in the stands at the League I matches after June 15, when the competition resumes, is out of the question, adding that it is very complicated to con

PM Orban asks MPs to decide on state of alert extension based on objective analyses, not political interests

Prime minister Ludovic Orban on Wednesday said in Braila (northeast of Bucharest) that he is asking the MPs to decide on the extension of the state of alert based on objective analyses, and not on momentarily political interests, stressing that this is not a topic to be politicised. "It's not a topic that should be politicized.

Orban, at videoconference with EU states' ambassadors: Now, our motto is "Economy before anything else!"

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban stated, on Tuesday, during an exchange of opinions with the ambassadors of the member states of the EU in Bucharest regarding the way to manage the pandemic crisis on the continent, that "now, when from a healthcare point of view things are starting to re-enter normality, the motto of the Government is 'The economy before anything else!'".

Orban’s ‘National Consultation’ Seeks to Set Hungary’s Political Agenda

Hungary's government on Monday launched Prime Minister Viktor Orban's eighth 'national consultation', which critics describe as a tool to create the illusion of popular consent for his controversial policies.

National consultations look like opinion polls, are sent to every household, and usually contain a list of questions.

PM Orban, financial experts discuss financing mechanism complementary to SME Invest

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Tuesday welcomed leaders of the Association of Romania's Financial Companies to discuss the introduction of a funding mechanism complementary to the SME Invest programme with the aim of supporting companies to obtain funding for the purchase of equipment and machinery necessary for their activity.