Ukraine War Feeds Dreams of Hungarian Far-Right Reclaiming Lost Land

"We can never give up on the Hungarians living there and our abducted territories," he tells BIRN, advocating a stealthy approach, "just gently, carefully, diplomatically, step by step", for a revanchist policy that would, if put in practice, represent a major geopolitical shock in Eastern Europe.

Orban won the Elections and declared Zelensky as his Opponent along with Soros

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has declared victory in yesterday's parliamentary elections.

Orban gave a 10-minute speech in front of the chanting "Viktor!" representatives and supporters of his FIDES party at a post-election event in Budapest.

Democracy Digest: ‘Orbolsonaro’ Is a Family Affair

Orban also promised he would prevent any pro-migration regulations in the EU, even at the level of recommendations, and underlined his government's belief in the traditional family model, comprised of a man and a woman. Bolsonaro, in return, praised Orban and said the values of his government - God, fatherland, family, freedom - make Hungary a model for Brazil.

Orban to visit Slovenia next week

Ljubljana – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is to make an official visit to Slovenia on Monday as part of which he is to meet his counterpart Janez Janša in Lendava, the newspaper Večer and TV Slovenija have reported citing unofficial sources. Janša’s office has not responded to the STA’s question about the visit.

Democracy Digest: Orban Acts Like Putin ‘Mini-Me’; Czech-Poland Turow Deal

Orban and Putin used to meet once a year before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and this was their 12th reunion, but probably the longest, which at five hours is an unusually lengthy discussion in diplomatic terms, indicating perhaps sharp disagreements behind the scenes.