Orders, decorations, and medals

The European Parliament is Discussing Brexit

The European Parliament is discussing the current situation around the UK's withdrawal from the European Union. After two and a half years of negotiations - the Brexit scenario remains bargain-free.

31 October - the day on which Britain has to leave the EU already seems so close. The ticking clock - the final handshake seems still impossible.

Prince Radu: Moral inheritance of Elisabeta Rizea still has much to tell us

Prince Radu on Friday stated that the moral inheritance left to us by the heroine of the anti-communist fight, Elisabeta Rizea, still has a lot to say to us, and pleaded for the transformation of her house in Nucsoara into a space of memory and education for the young generation.

Putin is very angry

Yegor Zhukov, Moscow student, published a video-blog on August 1st, depicting how the members of Russian security services had taken up all the power in Russia, using protests re: local elections as an excuse.

Politico: Schinas 'prominent, well-liked' member of von der Leyen team

Margaritis Schinas, who was nominated to serve as a European Commission vice president "for protecting our European way of life" by EC President-elect Ursula von der Leyen earlier this week. has been lauded by Politico as "one of the most prominent and well-liked members of von der Leyen's new team."