Orders, decorations, and medals

Opposition PMP to unveil its presidential candidate by August 10

The opposition People's Movement Party (PMP) will unveil its presidential candidate before August 10, the party's chairman, Eugen Tomac, said on Friday, adding that the party commissioned an opinion poll comprising him, Robert Turcescu, Theodor Paleologu, Mihail Neamtu and George Mioc.

The EU Must Defend its Rule-of-Law Revolution

There is no other explanation as to why the Visegrad Four countries of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia joined with Italy to pave the way for a German federalist to become president of the European Commission despite their past calls for an end to Germany's domination. All five nations are governed by anti-liberal, populist or far-right parties.

Inmates of Yugoslav Political Prison on Croatian Island Commemorated

Two Croatian NGOs, the Ante Zemljar association and Documenta - Centre for Dealing with the Past, held a commemorative event on Tuesday to mark the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the first prisoners on Goli Otok (Naked Island) in the Adriatic Sea off Croatia's northern coast.