Organic farming

Organic Agriculture in Bulgaria is Already Monitored with an Electronic Register

An electronic register for all those who produce, process, trade, store or import organic products will offer comprehensive monitoring of organic production in the country in accordance with EU regulations, the press center of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forests announced.

Bulgaria Is the Leading Producer of Organic Rose and Lavender Oil in the World

The Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a National Plan for the Development of Organic Farming until 2027. The goal is to establish this country as leader in a number of bio-products. The sustainability of small organic farms will be promoted through their cooperation. Opportunities for free counseling and professional training for bio-farmers are being launched.

Producers Market and Culinary Demonstrations on the International Children's Day

Funny, educational and very tasty - such will be the Children's Day for kids and their parents if they visit the specially organised organic products market. It will take place on June 1st in the Zaimov Park, next to the Sofia Theater. Over 40 organic producers will offer a variety of natural products grown in Bulgaria which were supported under the Rural Development Program (2014-2020).

Organic Farmers Protest in Front of the Ministry of Agriculture

A protest of organic farmers in front of the Ministry of Agriculture is being held at this time. They are dissatisfied with a new regulation on organic production, which introduces very high requirements both to producers and to the companies that certify them.

The protest has been going on for over an hour, despite the heavy rain over the capital.

Organic Producers are Preparing a Protest

Organic farmers are preparing a protest for the Ministry of Agriculture because most of them have not received the European funds they are allocated to under the Rural Development Program, the BNR announced. The National Bio-Association has said that they believe that officials are blamed for lack of funds and that the Ministry of Agriculture is complicit in draining European money.

Organic Farming Booms in Bulgaria and Croatia

Bulgaria and Croatia are the EU member states with highest growing organic farming sectors in the 28-nation bloc, the latest data from the European Statistics Agency, Eurostat, show.

While the total area of organic production in the EU-28 from 2012 to 2016 grew by 18.7 per cent, in Bulgaria, the growth rate was over 310 per cent, and in Croatia it was 193.4 per cent.

Farmers' Markets Selling Organic Products to Open in Five Bulgarian Cities

Specialised farmers' markets selling organic products will be opened in five Bulgarian cities - Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Veliko Tarnovo.

Only certified producers will be able sell their produce at these markets, private bTV station informs.

In order to be eligible to sell at the markets, producers will have to possess certificates for each of the exhibited products.