Over EUR 6bn pledged for anti-coronavirus measures

With the first stimulus package, passed in parliament on 2 April, the government wanted to prevent the situation from worsening at the outbreak of the epidemic.

It took measures worth around EUR 3 billion to help companies and households, and at the end of April made some corrections to cover more groups.

PM Orban: Pensions, to increase depending on real possibilities

The government has as priority the payment of pensions and salaries and will increase the pensions, but only after a very serious analysis, depending on the real possibilities, so as to have the guarantee that they can be paid, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban stated on Wednesday night at the private broadcaster Realitatea Plus.

Income of Bulgarians Increases by 12% for the First Quarter

An increase in the income of Bulgarians of over 12% at the beginning of the year was reported by the National Statistical Institute. The average income already exceeds BGN 1,700 per month.

At the same time, the total costs increase by less than 6% or average is about BGN 1,480.

The highest incomes are from salaries, followed by pensions.

PM Orban: CCR showed it doesn't want justice in retirement system

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said that, through the decision regarding special pensions, the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) showed that "it doesn't want justice to exist in the retirement system." "Through this decision, the Constitutional Court showed that it doesn't want justice to exist in the retirement system, that it seeks to maintain a privileged system of calculating pensions for

PM Orban: We will certainly increase pensions

The Government will "certainly" increase pensions, the decision to be made depending on the report regarding the state of the economy and the state of the budget after the first six months of the year and the prognoses that will be conducted, said, on Monday night in a press conference at the Victoria governmental Palace, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban.

USR: PNL Gov't prefers not to give OUG to repeal special pensions

The judges of the Constitutional Court are postponing the ruling on the draft law aimed at repealing special pensions, "pushing" the referral for May 6, in the context of the state of emergency, because "the PNL [National Liberal Party] Government prefers not to give an OUG for the elimination of these categories of pensions and is showing no signs that it is considering our proposal to tax 90%

Liberals' initiative on progressive taxation of special pensions, criticized by Pro Romania leader

The Chairman of Pro Romania, Victor Ponta, on Wednesday criticized the Liberals' initiative regarding the progressive taxation of special pensions from 10pct to 95pct. "It is April 1 - the liars from PNL [National Liberal Party] are also fooling people with the story of special pensions," Ponta wrote on Facebook.

Several trade unions ask Gov't to ensure universal minimum income for all citizens

Several trade union organizations have requested on Tuesday that the authorities adopt a series of measures to overcome the social crisis, of which the first is to ensure a universal minimum income for all adult citizens, according to the release sent by the unions.