Bulgarian Deputies Approve BGN 100 Easter Supplement for Poorest Pensioners Only

In a recent decision made during an extraordinary budget and finance committee meeting, deputies opted to grant a BGN 100 supplement for Easter solely to pensioners whose pensions fall below the poverty line. This means that those receiving pensions above this threshold will not be eligible for the holiday supplement.

February's Registered Unemployment Rate In Bulgaria Holds Firm at 5.8%

The press center of the National Employment Agency has released its latest report indicating a steady unemployment rate of 5.8% in the country for February. Holding firm from the previous month, this figure represents 165,585 registered unemployed individuals, marking a decrease of 255 compared to the previous month.

Greece launches job program for long-term unemployed seniors

Greece's Public Employment Service (DYPA) has launched a subsidy program to open up 1,300 jobs for long-term unemployed people aged between 55 and 74, the labor, interior and economics ministries announced on Monday.

The program will have a budget of €31.2 billion and span 24 months, aiming to create 1,300 new full-time jobs in the public healthcare sector. 

Elderly expats from Georgia face trial for pension benefit fraud

Dozens of elderly expatriates from Georgia are accused of attempting to fraudulently obtain pension benefits from the Greek Social Solidarity Privileged Benefits Organization. Their trial was postponed on Tuesday until April.

A total of 85 defendants, two of whom have passed away, were indicted for forgery, attempted or completed fraud and embezzlement between 2018 and 2019.

Bulgaria Allocates BGN 56 Million for Ukrainian Refugee Accommodation in 2023

In a recent parliamentary session, Finance Minister Asen Vassilev disclosed expenditure details related to the support provided to Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria throughout the previous year. Notably, BGN 56 million has been allocated for hotel accommodations, with an additional BGN 1.5 million covering social costs.

Average Monthly Pension in Bulgaria Stands at EUR 383

In a recent revelation, the National Statistical Institute disclosed that the average monthly pension disbursed in Bulgaria for January 2023 hovers around EUR 383. Delving deeper into the data, it showcases a disparity between genders, with women receiving an average of EUR 333, while their male counterparts receive EUR 457.

Transformative Measures: Bulgaria's Wage Increase and Pension Surge Announced

In a recent update on the Labour and Social Policy Ministry's achievements from June to December 2023, Minister Ivanka Shalapatova revealed plans for a significant increase in the minimum monthly wage, set to rise to BGN 933, marking nearly a 20% increment from its current level. This move is anticipated to positively impact over 500,000 workers across the country.