Ludovic Orban: We support increase in pensions, but based on "stable, predictable" mechanism

National Liberal Party (PNL) chairman Ludovic Orban said on Wednesday evening that the Liberals support the increase in pensions, but based on a "stable, predictable" mechanism, on "objective elements". "We attacked the Pension Law at the Constitutional Court (CCR) and the CCR proved us right, declaring the Pension Law unconstitutional.

NSSI: Increase in Bulgaria's Average Pension, Decrease in the Number of Pensioners

Over the last 10 years the average pension in Bulgaria has increased and the number of pensioners has decreased, according to NSSI data. The increase of the average pension is 102 leva - from 234 to 332 leva. For the same period, the number of pensioners has decreased by 50 thousand.

Who’s footing the bill?

Does anyone object to higher pensions? Such innocent-sounding cliches are nothing but a veil for policy that is purely self-serving.

In one of the recent amendments tabled by the government, National Bank will have to pay more than 200 million euros into its employees' auxiliary pension fund, a measure that will only benefit current pensioners.

Labor Ministry has failed to publish key details concerning pensions

Pensioners remain in the dark about the recalculation of their pensions according to the 2016 law, as they have not yet been notified by the Labor and Social Security Ministry about their so-called personal difference - i.e. the part of their pension that is likely to be cut.

Mandatory private pension funds' assets worth 52.26 bln in April, up 21.42pct

Mandatory private pension funds in Romania had assets worth over 52.26 billion lei on 30 April 2019, up 21.42 percent from the same level of the previous year, according to the Financial Oversight Authority (ASF) data. Government securities made up the largest share of the assets, of 30.06 billion lei, respectively 57.52 percent. Shares came in second, at 9.96 billion lei (19.07 percent).