Physical geography

Weather Forecast: Maximum Temperatures between 6C and 11C

It will be sunny today. In eastern Bulgaria a light to moderate southwest wind will blow, maximum temperatures between 6C and 11C, in Sofia - about 9C. The atmospheric pressure will be higher than the average for the month. It will slowly decrease throughout the day. 

This is the National Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) weather forecast.

Weather Forecast: Maximum Temperatures between 8C to 13C

It will be mostly sunny today. 

Light to moderate winds will continue from the west-northwest, changing briefly during the day to west-southwest direction. Daytime temperatures will rise significantly to reach maximums of 8C to 13C, or even higher in places. Atmospheric pressure will drop but will stay significantly higher than the average for the month.

Rain in Australia Caused Flooding (VIDEO)

Locals said that something like this this had not happened in several years.

After wildfires affecting vast forest areas, Australia was hit by storms. Although the rain is not enough to extinguish the fires, it was welcomed.

In some parts of New South Wales, there were even floods, and locals said it hadn't happened in several years.


13 New Animal and Plants Species Will Settle in Antarctica in the Coming Years

Several species of grasses, ticks, mussels, amd crabs will settle in the northernmost regions of Antarctica in the coming years. This is predicted by scientists cited by the British Antarctic Institute and the BTA.

Too harsh conditions will not yet allow the ice continent to be colonized by rodents, but they will be able to co-exist near polar research stations.