Police brutality

Dozens of Injured Students and Police Officers in Mass Protests in New Delhi

Four public transport buses in the capital were set on fire, while others were seriously damaged in mass protests against the new citizenship act.

Police are using tear gas against students at Jamia Millia Islamia University in the southern part of the capital. More than 100 activists and 35 police officers, including some senior officers, were injured.

Protests in Chile Continue, Death Toll Rises to 18

Hundreds of thousands of people protested Wednesday against social inequalities in Chile, despite reforms announced by President Sebastian Pinera, BTA reports.

Three people died in the last 24 hours. This was announced by the Ministry of Interior. Thus, the total number of victims of the protests reached 18.

Students protest end of asylum law

Students clashed with police in central Athens on Friday during a protest against reforms to the higher education system by the country's conservative government.
Riot police fired tear gas to disperse protesters when they tried to break a police cordon barring access to the Parliament building.

Gordan Duhacek: Croatia has Never Fully Resolved Free Speech

"The issue of freedom of speech in Croatia has never really been fully resolved, nor is Croatian society mature enough to lead such discussion," Duhacek told BIRN, noting the different criteria by which people can be prosecuted in the country for written or spoken words.

Satirical song 'offended nation's morals':

Photo: Illustration. EPA-EFE/CLEMENS BILAN.