Politics of Republika Srpska

Bosnia Trying to Censor Information About Pandemic, Journalists Say

The rights organisation Transparency International, TI, in Bosnia and Herzegovina has called on Zeljka Cvijanovic, President of the Serb-led entity, Republika Srpska, to withdraw a decree banning the spread of panic and disorder during a state of emergency, saying that the Bosnia's constitution does not allow the entities to suspend the right to freedom of expression and opinion.

State of Emergency ‘on Hold’ in Republika Srpska

Bosniak political parties in Serb-dominated Republika Srpska have threatened to try to veto a state of emergency intended to help curb the spread of the coronavirus because they say they have not received guarantees that checkpoints will not be set up on the boundaries of the entity to restrict movement.

Dodik "had it his way": Djukanovic's visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina vetoed

It is about declaring the Presidency's conclusion and decision of 19 February very damaging to the vital interests of Republika Srpska.
The statements were supported by all 56 MPs present, none were against or abstaining. Opposition MPs did not attend the vote, Avaz.ba reports.

What are the consequences of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina's ruling?

Constitutional Law Professor Vladan Kutlesic believes that from the point of view of law there is no possibility to challenge the decision of the Constitutional Court in Sarajevo that agricultural land in Republika Srpska is Bosnia-Herzegovina's property, but adds that the decision changes the provisions of the Dayton Agreement.