Vulin: West will try to pass genocide resolution against Serbia, Serbs

BELGRADE - Speaking about pressure on Serbia and Republika Srpska, former Security Information Agency chief Aleksandar Vulin said on Wednesday Western powers planned to pass a genocide resolution against Serbia and the Serbs in the UN General Assembly.

"They will try to pass a resolution branding Serbia and the Serbs as genocidal, and they will try to arrest (Republika Srpska President) Milorad Dodik and terminate payment transactions in Republika Srpska, and arrest people for not respecting (international High Representative Christian) Schmidt's decisions," Vulin said on Pink TV.

He said a genocide resolution the presidents of Serbia and Russia, Aleksandar Vucic and Vladimir Putin, had thwarted in 2015 was due to be passed in the UNGA on April 27.

"The idea is to pass that resolution on April 27 and, of course, declare us a genocidal people, and declare July...

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