Politics of Ukraine

Ukraine MPs approve tit-for-tat Russian trade embargo

Ukraine's parliament voted on Dec. 24 to give the government the right to impose a trade embargo against Russia, which said  last week that it would suspend a free trade zone with Ukraine from Jan. 1.

The law, supported by 291 of parliament's 420 lawmakers, will come into force when it has been signed by the president. 

EU Ambassadors Agree to Extend Sanctions on Russia to end-July 2016

European Union envoys have agreed to extend the bloc's economic sanctions on Russia over the crisis in Ukraine by another six months until 31 July 2016, newswires reported on Friday.

The sanctions, which apply to Russia's oil, military and energy sectors as well as individuals linked to the Ukraine conflict, were to expire on 31 january next year  

Ukraine: MP carries out PM Yatsenyuk (vid)

MPs of the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev started a fight during the speech of Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk, as Reuters reports.

It all started when Rada deputy Oleg Barna went up to the tribune while Yatsenyuk was giving a speech, gave him a bouquet of roses and then tried to carry him off the stage, as a video shows.

Gazprom Suspends Gas Deliveries to Ukraine

Russian energy concern Gazprom has stopped supplying UKriane with gas, with CEO Alexey Miller saying Kiev is failing to make the payments needed.

A prepayment system was introduced by Moscow last year, amid a gas pricing dispute that started soon after Crimea was incorporated into Russia.

Interfax quotes Miller as saying Ukraine has issued no new supply requests.

Ukraine, Baltics Warn Nord Stream-2 Poses Risk to EU Energy Security

A planned "Nord Stream 2" pipeline will hurt the EU's security and help Russia control the bloc's energy markets, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk opined on Thursday.

He called on the EU Commission "to seriously get into the issue" and prevent Russia from facilitating "a bottleneck".