Prime Ministers of Albania

EU Urges Would-Be Members to Protect Probing Journalists

“The EU promotes freedom of expression in its dialogues with enlargement countries and supports excellence in investigative journalism,” Lunacek said on Friday.

“Candidates and prospective candidates for EU membership must ensure journalists can do their job without fear of violence and intimidation,” she added

Albanians Row Over Oil Imports from Iran

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha on Thursday called for a parliamentary inquiry into claims that the centre-left government of Premier Edi Rama has imported oil from Teheran, breaking the UN-imposed embargo.

“The government has breached the embargo by allowing imports of oil from Iran, a grave national and international act,” Berisha said during Thursday's parliamentary session.

Albania Opposition to Rally in Tirana

Announcing the rally in Tirana, Albania's former Democratic Party Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, said Edi Rama's new left-of-centre government had based "everything on deception, falsity and violence against the opposition and the people”.

“The fraud committed by Edi Rama in turning his electoral platform upside down is quickly making his government illegitimate,” he added.