Train officials released on bail

Two officials from state-owned Hellenic Railways have been released after testifying before an examining magistrate but had to pay large sums for bail.

The two are among those being investigated by the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO) over a contract for the upgrade of the railways' signaling system and remote control.

ND says SYRIZA undermining democracy over MEP candidate’s comments

Greece's ruling conservatives have accused the leftist SYRIZA opposition of undermining the country's democracy after a senior official suggested that it would be a "blessing" if the EU's chief prosecutor investigating the 2013 Tempe railway disaster could potentially oust the government.

ERGOSE executives released from jail on bail in European train crash probe 

Two executives of ERGOSE, the projects branch of the Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE), were ordered to post a 600,000-euro and 500,000-euro bail, respectively, before being released from jail on Thursday as part of a European probe into a deadly train collision last year, and specifically the implementation of Contract 717 for the automatic operation and signaling of the railway network. 

EU’s chief prosecutor investigating Tempe disaster critical of ministerial immunity

The current legal framework in Greece has not allowed the European Public Prosecutor Office (EPPO) to investigate the Tempe railway disaster fully because ministers enjoy immunity for their actions carried out during their time in office, the European Union's chief prosecutor has said.

European Prosecutor's Office Investigates 203 Cases of Fraud in Bulgaria Totaling €884.9 Million in EU Funds

The European Public Prosecutor's Office has revealed startling figures regarding investigations into suspected fraud involving European Union funds in Bulgaria, with a staggering 203 cases under scrutiny, amounting to €884.9 million. According to a report for the year, the investigations shed light on concerning misuse of EU budget allocations within the country.

Kecmanović couple before the court: The families of the murdered are posing questions

The trial takes place without the presence of the public.
The accused Vladimir and Miljana Kecmanovi, as well as the instructor and owner of the shooting range where, as is suspected, the boy learned to shoot, should present their defense, and the parents of the murdered children will be able to ask them questions.

EPPO drops charges against MEP Maria Spyraki in fraud case

The European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO) has decided to dismiss its proceedings against Greek MEP Maria Spyraki, in a case of suspected fraud in relation to the management of the parliamentary allowance, and in particular concerning the remuneration of Accredited Parliamentary Assistants.