Reynders asks for explanations from Slovenia about EPPO appointment

Brussels, 24 June – European Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders reiterated his concerns on Thursday over the fact that Slovenia has still not appointed its European delegated prosecutors (EDPs). He contacted Slovenian Justice Minister Marjan Dikaučič today to voice his concerns and request explanations for the situation. Several MEPs also expressed concern.

Amid Protests Supreme Judicial Council Elected Only Candidate for Head of Specialized Prosecution

Desptie a protest in front of the building of the Supreme Judicial Council, its prosecutors' board today unanimously elected a new head of the specialized prosecutors' office, and the only candidate for the post - Valentina Madzharova.

7 members of the prosecutors' board in the SJC voted "yes", none was against.

Top court accepts indictment seeking HDP's closure

Turkey's Constitutional Court accepted an indictment seeking the closure of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), broadcaster CNN Türk has reported.

The top court conducted its first examination on June 21 and unanimously ruled for the acceptance of the indictment.

The indictment will be sent to the HDP for a preliminary defense.

New Procedure to Be Launched for Electing Six Bulgarian EU Delegated Prosecutors

A new procedure for proposing six European Delegated Prosecutors from Bulgaria will begin on June 16. This transpired at a news conference that European Chief Prosecutor Laura Kovesi held here on Friday before the end of her two-day visit to Sofia. She added that a constructive solution to the issue had been found after her meetings in the Bulgarian capital.

"Kosovo remains in the preamble" VIDEO

Popovic stated that the amendments to the Constitution are one of the most important activities in the Action Plan for Chapter 23.
The change of the Constitution in the field of justice is the most important in the field of the rule of law, said Popovi and added that the rule of law leads to a legal system where there is legal security.

EU Chief Prosecutor Laura Kövesi Comes to Bulgaria Today

European Chief Prosecutor Laura Kövesi arrives in Bulgaria on Thursday, 10 June. According to preliminary information, the Bulgarian European Prosecutor Teodora Georgieva will accompany her.

Kövesi will visit the office of the European delegated prosecutors, housed in the building of the Sofia District Court. She is also expected to meet with Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev.

Caretaker Culture Minister Exposes Flagrant Abuse of EU Funds, Corruption in Ministry

Caretaker Minister of Culture Velislav Minekov has delivered on his promise, given on Friday to Sasho Dikov, host of the EuroDikoff talk show, to give a mind-blowing news conference. The minister of culture gave startling evidence exposing corruption of his predecessors. The ministry has proved to be a gold mine for a number of personalities, in his words.