North Macedonia Govt Announces New Anti-Corruption Team

North Macedonia's government said on Tuesday that it has decided to form an "operational" anti-graft team headed by Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski and including other top officials.

The team will "work uncompromisingly and through a coordinated approach in the fight against crime and corruption", the government said in a statement.

The Lawyers Bar Association in Plovdiv Has Issued a Statement against Ivan Geshev's Views on the Separation of Powers

The Lawyers Bar Association in Plovdiv has issued a statement in which it strongly disagrees with the views expressed in a television interview by Ivan Geshev on the separation of powers, BNR reported.

Assigning blame in Caracal case should be evidence not emotion-based say prosecutors' reps

About the recent tragic event in Caracal, where a hitch-hiking teenage girl was reportedly kidnapped, raped and murdered as the authorities took a long time to act on her emergency calls, the Prosecutors' Section of the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM) on Monday said that "the legal truth and responsibilities should be proven and established on the basis of evidence and in no way under the

Lozan Panov: There Is a Risk for the Chief Prosecutor Election to Be Left with only One Nomination

Supreme Court of Cassation (SCC) chairman Lozan Panov believes there is a risk that the election of the Chief Prosecutor will remain with only one nomination after yesterday the entire Prosecutor's College of the Supreme Judicial Council (YSC) raised Ivan Geshev.

North Macedonia Prosecutors Parry Extortion Probe Scandal

One of North Macedonia's deputy chief special prosecutors, Lence Ristoska, told an impromptu press conference on Tuesday that she and the rest of the Special Prosecution team remain dedicated to preserving the credibility and integrity of the institution's crime-busting work despite a scandal involving their boss, chief special prosecutor Katica Janeva.