Provinces of Turkey

Quake team established in risky city

An earthquake team has been established at the juncture where the Eastern Anatolian Fault Line intersects with the North Anatolian Fault Line in Tunceli, an eastern province.

New measures were taken in Tunceli, where scientists constantly warn of earthquakes, and in this context, container cities were built against earthquakes.

Quake-hit children bid farewell to retired British soldier with love, gifts

A retired British soldier has been deeply moved by the compassionate gesture of children who bid him farewell with flowers and gifts as he was preparing to leave following the completion of his duty as a kitchen manager at a tent city in the quake-hit province of Hatay.

Black Sea towns eye Saudi, Kuwaiti tourists

The provinces of Amasya and Samsun on Türkiye's Black Sea coast aim to attract more holidaymakers from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The Central Black Sea Development Agency (OKA) will host representatives of travel agencies from those two countries early next month to promote Amasya and Samsun as a holiday destination, according to business daily Dünya.