Bulgarian President: Russia's Insistence on the Withdrawal of NATO forces from Bulgaria is Unacceptable and Pointless

"Russia's insistence on the withdrawal of NATO forces from Bulgaria is unacceptable and pointless," is the position of Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, quoted by the President's press office.

Russia's Foreign Ministry: NATO forces Must be Withdrawn from Bulgaria and Romania

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev and VP Iliana Yotova were Sworn In for their Second Term

President Rumen Radev and Vice President Iliana Yotova were sworn in for their second term at a solemn ceremony in the National Assembly.

The two, as well as all officials present in the plenary hall, were welcomed by a representative guard company at the central entrance of the National Assembly.

President Radev with an Assessment of the Caretaker Government: Transparent and Responsible

Your cabinet, Mr. Yanev, has shown that there can be a new kind of governance - transparent and responsible, with care for the people. It showed that machine voting can be introduced and the bought vote can be broken. This was stated by the head of state Rumen Radev, who received the ministers from the caretaker cabinet before the succession ceremony.

The New Cabinet: Geshev asked the President to Discuss Changes to the Prosecution

Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev, who yesterday made public accusations of violations of the law against Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov, appeared in the National Assembly today for the oath of the new government. On the sidelines, he attacked Rashkov again, who is expected to be elected to the regular cabinet in a few minutes.

Bulgarian Politics: “We Continue the Change” took the Mandate to form a Government

President Rumen Radev handed over a mandate to form a government to the "We Continue the Change" nominee for Prime Minister Kiril Petkov. He immediately returned a folder with the names of the ministers.

Bulgaria: There will be a Government - Structure and Confirmed Ministers

Consultations with President Radev Continued today with “There Is Such a People

At 9.00 a.m. today, the consultations with President Rumen Radev for forming a government began. First, he received representatives of "There Is Such a People."

"I am convinced that with experience you have a clear idea of ​​the challenges and are ready to contribute to solving them," said President Radev

Bulgarian Socialists: We will Make Every Effort for the Country to have a Regular Cabinet

The last consultations with the President for today began at 2 p.m. - with representatives of BSP for Bulgaria.

"The Bulgarian Socialist Party, the Bulgarian left, has always stood against lawlessness, dictatorship, in the interests of the vast majority of the people, not small empowered groups," President Radev said at the beginning of the meeting.