Bulgarian President Radev Set to Unveil Legal Challenge Over Constitutional Changes

President Rumen Radev declared plans to disclose comprehensive justifications on Monday for his opposition to the recent constitutional amendments, labeling them as a "brutal and fundamentally flawed assault on the Bulgarian Constitution." This announcement follows an Epiphany briefing on January 6, where he indicated his intent to appeal to the Constitutional Court regarding the conte

President Radev's New Year Address Called for Unity and Strengthening Bulgaria's Foundations

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, in his annual New Year's Eve speech to the nation, emphasized the critical need for unity and leadership to fortify Bulgaria's statehood, sovereignty, and the rule of law. Addressing the challenges faced in the past year, he highlighted the importance of moral values and national unity as cornerstones for the nation's prosperity.

President Rumen Radev's Visit to Kosovo: Reinforcing Bulgaria's Commitment to NATO Mission

President Rumen Radev's poignant visit to NATO's Kosovo Force (KFOR) showcased Bulgaria's steadfast commitment to global peace and security. Addressing the Bulgarian contingent stationed at the KFOR base, President Radev emphasized Bulgaria's pivotal role within NATO and the EU, underlining the nation's dedication to upholding peace, stability, and security.

Bulgaria: President To Contest Constitutional Amendments - PM Cites Bias In Review

President Rumen Radev announced plans to refer the recently adopted constitutional amendments to the Constitutional Court, asserting concerns over their implications for Bulgaria's democratic principles. The amendments, which were approved by Parliament, prompted Radev's action as he perceives their potential impact on citizens' rights and the nation's sovereignty.

President Radev Urges Netherlands' Support for Bulgaria and Romania in Schengen Bid

Bulgaria's President Radev recently underscored the country's readiness for Schengen membership, expressing expectations for swift and unequivocal backing from the Netherlands. Radev highlighted that Bulgaria has met all prerequisites for Schengen accession since 2011 but cited internal political factors in certain EU nations as obstructive.