Bulgaria: Despite the Cabinet’s request, the President will not remove the head of the National Security Service

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev will not remove the head of the National Security Service (NSS), General Emil Tonev.

"The prosecution's request for video footage from the Council of Ministers' cameras is likely to serve private interests", he said, warning that attempts to subordinate and politicize the services are not in the interests of security.

Bulgarian Defense Minister: Let's not Rush and call this a War

"We should not be in a hurry to label whether the military operation is limited or the situation in Ukraine is a war", Defense Minister Stefan Yanev told bTV.

He added that today will be dedicated to a number of additional events and meetings, including an extraordinary meeting with President Rumen Radev.

Bulgarian President: There is No Direct Military Threat to Bulgaria

"It is absolutely unacceptable in the 21st century for missiles to fly in Europe with strikes on a sovereign state. Absolutely unacceptable. There is currently no direct military threat to Bulgaria's security, but there are a number of risks. In general, the security environment in Europe has changed completely.

Bulgarian President: The Government has Changed Energy Directors, Where are the Results

"The time for analysis and good intentions in the energy sector has expired. We are waiting for the results. We are monitoring what the government is doing to reduce the cost of electricity and gas and to have adequate compensation mechanisms for consumers and businesses.

After Bulgarian Security Council: Slow Growth of the Armed forces, Accelerate Modernization

"The pace of modernization of the army does not meet modern requirements. Effective measures are needed to increase interest in the military profession and develop modern defense potential." This was said by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev after the meeting of the National Security Advisory Council (NSAC).