Right-wing populism in the United States

Trump Signals Intent to Strengthen Ties with Hungary's Orbán in Potential Second Term

In a recent address to an influential American conservative forum in Budapest, former US President Donald Trump hinted at plans to renew Republican cooperation with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, whom he hailed as a "great man." Trump's remarks come amidst Orbán's reelection for a fourth term in Hungary's 2022 parliamentary elections, albeit against a backdrop of economic chall

Trump Launches Bible Sales Campaign: "Make America Pray Again"

Amidst preparations for the Easter holiday, former US President Donald Trump has embarked on a unique venture, selling Bibles adorned with the American flag and featuring the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Targeting conservative evangelical Christians, Trump aims to "Make America Pray Again," urging supporters to acquire what he dubs his "favorite book."