Trump Launches Bible Sales Campaign: "Make America Pray Again"

Amidst preparations for the Easter holiday, former US President Donald Trump has embarked on a unique venture, selling Bibles adorned with the American flag and featuring the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Targeting conservative evangelical Christians, Trump aims to "Make America Pray Again," urging supporters to acquire what he dubs his "favorite book."

The 77-year-old Republican, renowned for his close ties with evangelical communities, is retailing the specially crafted Bibles for $59.99. The endeavor, which aligns with Holy Week traditions observed by Christians, represents Trump's latest effort to appeal to his religious base.

In a promotional video released on his Truth social network, Trump emphasizes the significance of faith, asserting that "Christians are under siege" and calling for a revival of religious values in the nation. Holding aloft a King James Bible embellished with patriotic symbols, Trump underscores the importance of "documents of America's Founding Fathers" within the scripture.

Partnering with country singer Lee Greenwood, known for the patriotic anthem "God Bless the USA," Trump integrates his campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" into the call for renewed prayer and spirituality. The collaboration with Greenwood adds a patriotic dimension to Trump's evangelical outreach.

Contrary to speculations, proceeds from the Bible sales will not fund Trump's political ambitions, as clarified on the sales website. The initiative comes amidst Trump's foray into the media landscape with the launch of Trump Media & Technology Group, which includes the Truth Social platform.

Trump's re-entry into the digital realm follows his expulsion from major social media platforms...

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