Serbian protests

Brnabic: Belgrade local elections, all remaining local polls to be held June 2

BELGRADE - Serbian Parliament Speaker Ana Brnabic announced on Thursday she had decided to accept the demands of opposition parties from the Serbia Against Violence and Hope for Serbia coalitions that all remaining local elections and Belgrade local polls be held on June 2.

Constitutive session of Belgrade city assembly postponed again until March 3

BELGRADE - The constitutive session of the new Belgrade city assembly was on Friday again postponed until Sunday, March 3 due to a lack of quorum.

The postponement was announced by the chairman of the constitutive session. Socialist Toma Fila, the oldest assembly member.

We, A Voice From The People: No coalition with SNS-SPS or Serbia Against Violence

BELGRADE - The We, A Voice From The People movement reiterated on Tuesday it was against forming a coalition in the Belgrade city assembly with the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS)-Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) coalition or with a potential coalition formed by Serbia Against Violence and the HOPE coalition.

Opposition blocks streets in Belgrade, the citizens suffer; Shameful flag PHOTO/VIDEO

"Reporter N1 reports the following from the protest of Djilas students, who block the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Belgrade during the holiday rush: 'There will be music, songs, a DJ has been announced, a kettle will be boiled, most likely beans will be on the menu!'", it was posted on the "Lie Detector" profile on the "X" social network.