Constitutive session of Belgrade city assembly postponed again until March 3

BELGRADE - The constitutive session of the new Belgrade city assembly was on Friday again postponed until Sunday, March 3 due to a lack of quorum.

The postponement was announced by the chairman of the constitutive session. Socialist Toma Fila, the oldest assembly member.

Previously, the head of the City of Belgrade Interim Authority Aleksandar Sapic said the ruling coalition's assembly members would not turn up for the session to provide the grounds for a postponement.

As Fila was to open the session, Serbia Against Violence assembly members held up banners in protest against alleged electoral fraud by authorities, obscuring him from view.

The banners read "Belgrade does not want you", "Your theft was in vain" and "You will not get away with this".

The opposition coalition's MPs Marinika Tepic, Srdjan Milivojevic and Dragana Rakic were also in...

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