Macedonia Opposition: Ethnic Terror Convictions 'Suspicious'

The covertly-recorded tapes of Macedonian officials' conversations that the opposition says it plans to publish soon could undermine the official story about the six men convicted of the murders at Smilkovci Lake near Skopje in 2012, the head of the opposition Social Democrats, Zoran Zaev, said on Wednesday.

Skopje provocations in ruling party rally

Flags bearing the 16-beam Vergina Sun and maps of the so-called “Great Macedonia” were held by governing party VMRO-DPMNE supports in Skopje, during an anti-rally held and attended by PM Nikola Gruevski. The Skopje hands of the attending crowd pointed to the Skopjan “dream”. Three fingers for Vardaris, the Aegean Sea, and Pirin, and the “O” from the word “Obedineta” which means United.

Skopje: A modern-day … ancient Agora or lil’ Caesar’s Palace?


One interesting travelogue recently focused on the land-locked country to Greece’s immediate north, the one-time Yugoslav republic known today – in some quarters and especially in Greece – as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (fYRoM).

The neophyte’s country’s leadership has, since 1991, insisted on the “Republic of Macedonia”.

Foreign Ministry enraged by ex-US Secretary of State's comments on FYROM

Officials at the Greek Foreign Ministry were enraged yesterday at reports in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) that ex-US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright had suggested Greece may have been involved in deadly incidents last weekend in the town of Kumanovo.

Eighteen people ? 10 Albanian militants and eight policemen ? died after gunmen raided in the town.

Terrorists "planned to blow up bridge in Skopje"

Terrorists "planned to blow up bridge in Skopje"

SKOPJE -- The terrorist group that last weekend carried out an attack in Kumanovo, northern Macedonia, "planned to blow up one of the main bridges in Skopje."

This was reported on Tuesday by the Macedonian website, which said the information was revealed by one of the captured terrorists.