Firefighters Tackle Macedonia Government HQ Blaze

Four fire engines arrived to tackle the blaze as smoke rose from the front of the government building on Monday morning at around 9am. Firefighters were forced to climb onto the building's façade and smash some parts of it to extinguish the flames.

An electrical fire which spread to building material was the most probable cause for the fire, initial reports have suggested.

Serbia, Macedonia to have joint diplomatic missions

SKOPJE - Macedonian and Serbian Foreign Ministers Nikola Popovski and Ivica Dacic signed in Skopje on Monday an Agreement on rational use of resources in joint diplomatic and consular missions abroad, announcing that the locations and countries where the joint missions are to be set up will be defined soon.

Giant Macedonia Cross ‘Not Anti-Muslim Symbol’

The towering cross in the Aerodrom municipality of Skopje, which was sanctified this week, is a cultural artefact and not meant to cause religious or ethnic offence, said Todor Petrov, the head of the World Macedonian Congress, the NGO behind its construction.

“The cross is not erected to provoke and it is not an anti-Albanian or anti-Muslim symbol,” Petrov said.