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Turkish minister attacks Greece, EU with Auschwitz comparison

Turkey's deputy Foreign Minister Yavuz Selim Kiran has criticized Greece and the European Union over the situation at the Evros border, going as far as to compare the alleged treatment of migrants seeking to cross the frontier with conditions prevailing at Nazi death camps at Auschwitz.

Yavuz to start new round of offshore operations south of Cyprus on October 7, diplomat says

Turkish drill ship Yavuz will start a new round of offshore drilling operations in the eastern Mediterranean, south of Cyprus, on October 7, a Turkish diplomat said on Friday, after Cyprus condemned Turkey's move to send its ship to the region.

Turkish drillship enters Cypriot EEZ

In yet another blatant violation of Cyprus' sovereignty, Turkey on Thursday sent its Yavuz drillship to an area off the west coast of the island and within its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) to prospect for hydrocarbons.

The area, which is in Block 7 of the island's EEZ, has already been licensed for exploration to the French-Italian consortium of Total and Eni.