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Nigerian chef-to-be to represent Turkish cuisine in Canada

Abosede Ruth, a 25-year-old Nigerian national, has been enrolled in a culinary school in the southeastern province of Gaziantep for four months.

She is planning to open a restaurant in Canada after completing the eight-month training and an eight-month internship program.

"I love cooking and tasting. I want to be a big chef and I want to open a restaurant in Canada," she said.

"Certain embassies supported them"; "Billions invested in fighting me"

"They had a lot of apartments that served as their shelters, situated in the vicinity of certain embassies, which was unbelievable for me," Vucic announced.
"The prosecutor is very satisfied. He is dissatisfied with the content of the case, of course. But that story is over, case closed," he said.
He pointed out that many DNA traces were found on the spot.

Prosecutors seek two to 15 years in jail for bathing in milk

Prosecutors in the Central Anatolian province of Konya are seeking two to 15 years in jail for two dairy workers after they bathed in milk.

"One suspect put hot water and milk into a tank, got inside and took a bath. The other suspect filmed him," the indictment said.

After bathing in milk, the suspects pour milk to the floor of the dairy plant, according to the indictment.

Döner shops create monthly $630 million business volume

Some 30,000 shops sell around a total of 900,000 kilograms of traditional döner kebab each day across Turkey, making a great contribution to the local economy, according to the head of a trading group.

"Döner makers are also the main players in the local meat market as they create strong demand," Muhammet Nezif Emek, the head of Döner Shop Owners' Association, told Anadolu Agency.

Food Truck Anniversary | Athens | February 17

Food Truck celebrates its five-year anniversary along with head chef Giorgos Glinos' 46th birthday at Str.Eaters restaurant in Karitsi Square. Food by collaborators will be served on an all-you-can-eat basis. Free drinks and food will be offered by Food Truck's latest project, Food Truck Levant, with flavors inspired by Middle East and Mediterranean cuisine. The celebrations start at 7 p.m.