Queues of Over 10 km at Both Danube Bridges

There is heavy truck traffic at the exit of the Bulgarian - Romanian border. All ferry points are not operating due to the ice flow, announced the Interior Ministry.

This is why there are long queues of vehicles waiting to enter Romanian territory. The queue at Danube Bridge - Vidin is about 14 km, while the queue at Danube Bridge - Ruse is about 13 km.

Nikola Tesla Airport registers nearly 5 mln passengers in 2016

BELGRADE - Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Airport registered a record 4,924,664 passengers in 2016 - 3 pct more than in 2015, while the number of take-offs and landings remained the same.

An average 13,492 passengers a day - or 562 passengers an hour - used the airport's services in 2016, the company said in a statement.

60 Ships Stranded Near Belene Island

A total of 60 ships have been stranded near the Belene island because of the low water level of the Danube, announced the Maritime Administration Executive Agency.

This is the most critical area right now and there are problems with normal shipping. In order to ensure order and safety, a patrol boat has been sent to the area.