Belgrade's Nikola Tesla airport puts Tel Aviv in "Palestine"

The Israeli embassy in Serbia has condemned and described as "unacceptable" a recent incident at Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Airport, Beta agency is reporting.

It concerns passengers traveling from Belgrade to Tel Aviv being told ahead of a recent flight that "boarding had begun for the flight to Palestine."

Croatia: Bilingual sign smashed in Vukovar again

VUKOVAR – A bilingual sign on the police station building has again been smashed in Vukovar on Friday, the Vukovar-Srem police confirmed. The same sign, containing the building name in Latin and Cyrillic scripts, has been destroyed several times before, the Hina news agency reported. The police could not confirm whether a culprit has been

Bulgarian Defence Minister Embarks on Two-Day Official Visit to Croatia

Bulgarian Defence Minister Nikolay Nenchev is expected to arrive on a two-day official visit to Croatia on Monday.

During his visit, Nenchev is scheduled to hold meetings with his Croatian counterpart Josip Buljevic, the Minister of Veteran Affairs, Tomo Medved, as well as with the chairperson of the defence committee of the Croatian parliament, Igor Dragovan.