"Has anyone ever believed ..."; Americans "fall like flies"

In Seattle and Portland, after several consecutive days of record high temperatures that exceeded 37.7, there was a relaxation on Tuesday, but the temperatures in the cities in eastern Oregon and the cities in Idaho increased a lot, reports AP.
42.2 degrees were measured in Spokane, Washington, which is the highest temperature ever recorded in that city.

Temperature Record in Australia

Australia has had its hottest day on record. The national average temperature was 40.9 ° C.

The previous record, of 40.3C, was set on January 7, 2013.

Forecasters predict that the peak of the heatwave is yet to come later in the week. And that means the record can be improved again.

High temperatures aggravate the situation with the out-of-control fires.

Bulgaria Ranks 54th in Water Stress Levels in the World

July 2019 was reported as the hottest month in the history of meteorological measurements, becoming the latest proof of the magnitude of the global climate crisis, WWF reports. The data are from the Copernicus European Union Climate Change Program, which analyzes temperature data from across the globe.

New heatwave to blast Greece until Wednesday

Hot air masses from Africa are expected to return to Greece on Sunday and affect the weather until next Wednesday, according to the National Observatory's Meteo weather service.
The new intense heatwave will affect several continental parts of the country and urban centers, with temperatures forecast to reach or exceed 40 degrees Celsius locally.