Tourism in Greece

Tangible results from tourism’s extension

The tourism season's extension strategy is bearing fruit and "already from this year we have tangible results," Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) General-Secretary Dimitris Fragakis told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Sunday.

He also noted that GNTO always had the extension of the season as a main pillar of its initiatives.

Athens hotel rates have soared

After a temporary dip in August, price increases at Athens hotels resumed in September, setting the average cost of accommodation for their guests in the first month of the fall almost 40% higher than the levels of 2019, the last year before the pandemic and a record year for Greek tourism.

Greece sends a clear message of safety abroad

The political leadership of the Ministry of Tourism was engaged in a race to deal with the crisis in the tourism industry on Monday, following the massive fire on the island of Rhodes.

Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni, as well as her deputy, Elena Rapti, arrived on the island on Sunday, in order to help manage the situation.

Pserimos’ six-hour tourism boom

Iraklis Mamoudelos stands in front of the Aphrodite cafe-restaurant, with its blue polyester director's chairs. He has a black tray under his left arm, ready to welcome customers. No one is swimming at the beach of Pserimos, a tiny island between Kalymnos and Kos in the eastern Aegean - now, at least - but the setting is ready.

Footage implicates suspect in Polish woman’s death

The images from video footage and in particular frames that captured a 32-year-old Bangladeshi man leaving his house with the 27-year-old Anastazja Rubinska and then returning later alone and leaving again after a while, was essentially what led to his prosecution on murder charges, according to reports.