Once the shock wears off

Every major tragedy in Greece is met with a lot of dust and noise. Briefly. Then the matter vanishes. The course of justice is desperately slow. Catharsis takes so long in coming, the matter is forgotten or loses its urgency. 

Anger and grief after deadly train crash in Greece

Iliana Magra, a journalist with Kathimerini who covered the accident, joins Thanos Davelis from Athens with the latest on what we know about the deadly rail crash in Greece this week, the current situation at the site of the accident, the reaction among Greeks, and the steps the government is taking in response to this tragedy.

Wake-up call

Wednesday's tragedy at Tempe in central Greece should serve as a wake-up call for the entire political system. Answers will be demanded over the lives that were lost and those that were irreparably damaged by injury or trauma, as will decisions that will ensure such a tragedy never happens again.

Gov't to look into implementation of action plan after Piatra Neamt hospital tragedy

Prime Minister Florin Citu said on Monday that he will check whether the action plan after the fire tragedy at the Piatra Neamt county hospital has been implemented. "I am more interested in seeing what has been done after the tragedy in Piatra Neamt.

The fatal decision that sent drivers to heart of inferno

It is difficult to offer a sober and pragmatic perspective on the devastating fires that ravaged the seaside resort of Mati, east of Athens, on July 23, as the memories of the unspeakable tragedy are still fresh. And it goes without saying that any attempt to exploit the tragedy for political advantage is unacceptable.