Transnational organized crime

Three charged after brawl outside Piraeus soccer stadium

Three men face charges following their arrest on Wednesday for their involvement in a brawl outside a soccer stadium in the southern part of Piraeus.

Police confiscated items, including knives and a pistol with ammunition, during the incident.

The three men, aged 43, 36 and 29 were charged with disturbing the peace, attempted assault and firearms violations.

Dozens arrested in crackdown on criminal gangs ahead of tourist season

Police conducted an operation against six criminal gangs in the Attica region on Monday, arresting 50 suspected members, while identifying 187 others. The gangs were involved in drug trafficking, theft and counterfeiting. According to the authorities, they had made approximately 1.4 million euros from their criminal activities. 

The trap of the routine

Maybe we don't understand how much everything around us seems to be losing its momentum and cheapening, and I hope we don't suddenly realize it by some "accident." Lawlessness is a widespread phenomenon and, worst of all, no one has any answers for how you deal with it.

Police arrests members of extortion, abduction ring in Megara

Three people were arrested last Saturday and 10 more were identified as members of a criminal gang involved in a series of offences including extortion, attempted murder, and causing grievous bodily harm.

Police arrested in the area of Megara, three suspects aged 52, 30 and 26, and spend a case file against 10 more alleged members of the group, five of whom are in prison.

Eradicating organized crime

The recent police operations in the wake of last week's mob-style killing in the Athens suburb of Neos Kosmos reveal that criminal networks thrive on specific sources of illegal wealth, including the smuggling of fuels and tobacco. 

The mafia prospers in areas where the state has consistently failed to establish control, despite the significant cost to the public treasury.

Drain the source

The video of the latest murder of a prominent member of the Greek Mafia is more than shocking. 

It will be unthinkable if Greek society and the state get used to this routine which is often swept under the rug with the excuse that it is just gangs "settling their scores."