A Europe for each’s narrative

There is significant concern today regarding the lack of a robust official opposition. When the government faces accusations of covering up cases, leaking personal data, violating privacy, and engaging in illegal surveillance, one would expect that the country's second-largest party would offer serious criticism and present a reliable alternative governmental proposal.

Trump Launches Bible Sales Campaign: "Make America Pray Again"

Amidst preparations for the Easter holiday, former US President Donald Trump has embarked on a unique venture, selling Bibles adorned with the American flag and featuring the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Targeting conservative evangelical Christians, Trump aims to "Make America Pray Again," urging supporters to acquire what he dubs his "favorite book."

Zelensky Slams Tucker Carlson's Putin Interview as 'Two Hours of Nonsense'

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has strongly criticized the recent interview between former Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Russian President Vladimir Putin, branding it as "two hours of nonsense." Zelensky made these remarks during an exclusive interview with Fox News's "Special Report," anchored by Bret Baier, according to The Hill.