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Ukrainians have Stirred Up the Rental Market in Bulgaria

Most brokers, who have been active in renting housing to Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of the war, no longer have free accommodations to offer. At the same time, the demand for rental property remains stable on the part of Ukrainians. However, there is often a mismatch between the budget they have prepared and what they want to rent for it.

Ukrainian IT Companies want to move their Business to Bulgaria

"We already have a registered interest from Ukrainian companies that aim to relocate their businesses to Bulgaria," Bogdan Bogdanov, director of the Bulgarian Investment Agency (BIA), told BNR.

Today he is participating in a joint webinar with the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

9 Countries, including Bulgaria, will ask for Help from the EU for the Refugees from Ukraine

The Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the three Baltic states will seek financial assistance from the European Union for the care of Ukrainian refugees, according to a statement from Czech Deputy Prime Minister Ivan Bartoš.

Over 80,000 Ukrainians currently in Bulgaria, 61,000 have the status of Temporary Protection

82 thousand are the Ukrainian citizens who are on the territory of Bulgaria, according to data from the portal "Bulgaria for Ukraine".

61 thousand of them have the status of temporary protection, in hotels and accommodation there are 51 thousand and 300 Ukrainians.

Misleading actions of Ukrainian Tour Operators cause queues at the Bulgarian Border

100% increase of Ukrainian citizens arriving at the Bulgarian "Durankulak" border checkpoint has been noted in recent days. The situation has changed dramatically due to the increased flow of people who, after the strike against the railway station in Kramatorsk, prefer to leave Ukraine by bus rather than by train.

Bulgaria: Car with Ukrainian license plates sprayed with “Z” symbol

Vandals spray-painted a car with Ukrainian license plates in Dobrich with the pro-Russian "Z" symbol, a Ukrainian woman told the Bulgarian National Television. The incident happened during the night.

The car belongs to a Bulgarian from the city who has lived in Kyiv for the last 8 years.