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Remembering Paul Sarbanes

The rural town of Salisbury, Maryland is an unlikely place from which a young man imbued with the high ideals and values of Hellenism would make his way to the world stage. It is in this small town on Maryland's Eastern Shore that on February 3, 1933, Panagiotis Spyros Sarbanes was born, who would in time grow into the legendary Senator Paul S. Sarbanes.

President Biden Signs Three Orders on Immigration, Rolls Back Trump’s Policy

President Biden on Tuesday signed three executive orders on immigration, including one to create a task force to reunify migrants separated under the Trump administration -- part of a sweeping push by Biden to roll back his predecessor's immigration policies.

From RFK Jr to Latin America, Poland’s Anti-Vaxxers Find Friends Abroad

Kennedy was speaking, non-sequiturs and all, at the invitation of parliamentarians from the far-right Confederation Liberty and Independence coalition (Konfederacja Wolnosc i Niepodleglosc, often shortened to Konfederacja), whose leadership include vaccination sceptics.

The 4th anniversary of ‘alternative facts’

A few days ago (January 22, 2021) we marked the fourth anniversary since world audiences were first exposed to the idea of "alternative facts." That anniversary came two days after President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris took their oaths in a socially distanced inauguration in front of 400,000 flags.

"10.000 vaccines have arrived in Serbia; the world is like the Titanic today" VIDEO

"I want to inform you that we received 10.000 new vaccines here in Belgrade this morning," Vucic said in a video post on his Instagram profile.
He stated that the fight for vaccines has been going on since early dawn, for every vaccine, for every citizen of our Serbia.