USS Truxtun

US Cruiser Vella Gulf to Enter Black Sea This Week

Pentagon officials have announced the USS Vella Gulf, a US warship, will reach the Black Sea later this week as part of maneuvers showing support for Ukraine.

Navy Rear Admiral John Kirby was quoted by the Huffington Post as saying that the US also aimed to reassure its European allies that Washington is committed to their security, as tensions between Kiev and Moscow remain.

US Navy Extends USS Truxtun Mission In Black Sea

The US navy extended the mission of the USS Truxtun in the Black Sea, reports Bulgaria's public broadcaster BNT.

The reason are the tensions in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea by Russia. 

The guided-misslie destroyer, which is based in Greece, sailed in the Black Sea in March to participate in a joint military exercise of the navies of Bulgaria, Romania and the US.

Bulgaria, Romania, US to Hold Military Drill in Black Sea

Joint naval exercises with Bulgarian, Romanian and US vessels are to take place in the Black Sea on March 11.

The naval forces of all three nations have stated no connection between the upcoming drill and the tensions on Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula, where the Russian Black Sea Fleet is based, the Bulgarian National Radio has reported.

USS Truxtun Sails In the Black Sea for Exercises with Bulgaria's Navy

The U.S. guided-missile destroyer Truxtun is bound for the Black Sea for military exercises with Bulgarian and Romanian naval forces. 

According to the US military publication Stars and Stripes, the ship departed from Greece early Thursday and its visit is unrelated to the current events in Ukraine.