Mass vaccination campaign to protect refugee children under the age of 5 starts

Turkey's Ministry of Health, with the support of UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO), is conducting a campaign to complete the vaccination of all refugee children under the age of five. 

Children are being vaccinated in all of the country's 81 provinces by staff from the ministry between Feb. 15 and Feb. 28.

Bulgaria's Health Minister To Be Indicted Over Vaccines Scandal

Sofia City Prosecutor's Office is preparing an indictment against Health Minister Moskov in relation to the vaccines scandal which took place at the beginning of 2016.

Two of Moskov's deputies will also be indicted. Moscov has been summoned to appear before the prosecution next week.

Mother in Oreokastro opposes to blocking refugee kids from school

A mother in Oreokastro claims that she voted against blocking refugee children from attending school. Proving that not everyone in town stands behind the two parents associations that have issued statements saying that they will not accept the migrant and refugee children living in the area in their schools, she posted on her Facebook page that the decision is not unanimous.

Nikos Filis insists: Refugee children in Oreokastro will go to school

Minister of Education Nikos Filis argues that the decision taken from the Parents and Guardians Society of the 5th Primary School of Oreokastro in Thessaloniki, that they will occupy the school grounds if refugee children are inducted in the school, is not understandable.

Top court's vaccine decision should be read correctly

Mother Halime Sare Aysal and father Mustafa Aysal did not want to have their newborn baby vaccinated with the vaccines the Health Ministry defines as "compulsory." 

The U?ak Provincial Directorate of the Family and Social Policies Ministry took the couple to court in 2012. The ministry demanded a court order so that the couple's child would be vaccinated.