FYROM parliament to vote on name deal on Wednesday

The Parliament of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) will ratify the deal reached with Greece on the name dispute on Wednesday, according to the country's MIA news agency.

The relevant draft bill will first be discussed at the European Affairs Committee before it is submitted to the Legislative Committee.

Hungarian PM backs attempts to block Macedonia name solution

Beta is reporting this on Monday, citing the website Euractiv.

Orban on Saturday sent a video message to a rally in Skopje of nationalist opposition VMRO-DPMNE party, praising its refusal to bend "under pressure from foreign powers."

Macedonian President Gjorje Ivanov (VMRO-DPMNE) is also opposed to a reaching a compromise with Greece.

Macedonia: Thousands Protest Against the Government and Country's Name Change

A thousand-hour protest against the change of the Macedonian name occurred on the streets of Skopje. The strike also demanded early elections because of the state of the economy.

Thousands of Macedonian flags and flags of the opposition gathered outside the building of the Council of Ministers in Skopje

Some of the protesters wore posters saying "Macedonia will win".

In Pictures: Macedonia Opposition Holds Anti-Govt Rally

The new VMRO DPMNE leader, Hristijan Mickovski, dubbed Zoran Zaev's Social Democrat-led government a "criminal cartel" at Saturday's rally against Macedonia's current administration.

He accused the government of widespread corruption, a firm grip on the judiciary and media, and of a failure to produce any results for the economy.