Macedonia's Gruevski 'Using anti-Bulgarian Acts' to Win Elections' - MEP

The leader of Macedonia's main ruling party is trying to raise anti-Bulgarian sentiment to win the forthcoming elections in the country, a Bulgarian MEP opines.

Andrey Kovatchev (EPP/GERB)'s comment comes amid a row between the two counties over a memorial plaque which a Macedonian journalist claims to have destroyed.

Macedonians Mock Ruling Party's Soviet-Style Art

Macedonia's ruling party has drawn mockery for commissioning a set of paintings executed in old Soviet "Socialist Realist" style, showing its leaders in scenes of grandeur and victory.

NOVA TV, citing unnamed sources, said the VMRO DPMNE party commissioned the artwork to adorn the new party headquarters in central Skopje.

Macedonia's President Partially Revokes Amnesty in Wiretapping Affair

Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov on Friday moved to scrap the amnesty of nearly half of the 56 people who had been facing proceedings in a wiretapping affair.

With a decree signed by Ivanov, the decisin is applied to 22 of those involved, all politically exposed people, according to Utrinski vesnik.

Parallel Protests Take Place Across Macedonia

Tensions in Macedonia continued to run high on Tuesday, as thousands of pro-opposition protesters gathered in Skopje and other parts of the country, while parallel protests took place in several towns.

Protests were sparked by last week's decision of Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov to pardon 56 political figures for their alleged involvement in last year's wiretapping scandal.

Vienna Meeting of Macedonian Party Leaders to Aim to Ensure Implementation of Przino Deal

A forthcoming meeting of Macedonian political leaders in Vienna will aim to ensure the further implementation of last year's Przino agreement to resolve the political crisis in the country rather than reaching a new deal, a European Commission official has said.

Macedonia to Hold Snap Vote on June 05 Despite Protests

Macedonia's Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski has signed a decree setting the date for an early general election, amid protests that followed a presidential decision and demand the vote be postponed.

Veljanoski has already informed the state electoral commission, and the ministries of justice and foreign affairs, state news agency MIA report.