Macedonia's Politicians Risk Sanctions, Observers Say

Diplomats and political analysts say that it is becoming increasingly certain that the US and European governments may soon resort to various sanctions against Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov and former Prime Minister and leader of the right-wing VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski.

Ivanov and Gruevski are continuing to block the formation of an opposition-led government.

Stoilkovic: "Tirana Platform" in Macedonia is a gateway to "Greater Albania"

In the current political crisis, "Macedonia's most important interest is that 'the Tirana Platform' does not take hold." The reason is that the document "effectively means the beginning of creation of a Greater Albania," says Ivan Stoilkovic, leader of the Democratic Party of Serbs in Macedonia (DPSM).

FYROM's Crisis May Lead to Country's Disintegration

FYROM (Macedonia) is sinking deeper and deeper into a severe political and institutional crisis. Three months on from snap parliamentary elections held in December, a new government still hasn't been formed. Speaking to Sputnik, Svetin Chilimanov, former advisor to the Macedonian president, warned that the crisis may lead to the country's disintegration.

Macedonia's Zaev Accuses President of 'Coup d'Etat'

President Gjorge Ivanov has staged a coup d'etat by refusing to hand the government mandate to social-democrat SDSM party, its leader Zoran Zaev has said.

"Ivanov has thrown Macedonia into a deep crisis with unimaginable consequences on citizens and on the state," news website MKD.mk quotes him as saying.

Smear Campaign Targets BIRN Journalists in Macedonia

BIRN journalists have been targeted on social networks in Macedonia in connection to Tuesday's attacks on journalist and cameraman in Skopje who were beaten up while covering a pro-VMRO DPMNE rally.

After BIRN Macedonia journalists published news and tweeted about the attack some Twitter users with generic nicknames accused BIRN journalists of being traitors and mercenaries.