Telecom companies sign contracts for launch of 5G network

Greece's telecoms watchdog, the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT), on Wednesday signed contracts with the country's three major telecoms providers Cosmote, Vodafone and Wind for the use of the 700MHz, 2GHz, 3400-3800 MHz and 26 GHz radio frequency band widths, which pave the way for a 5G network.

5G will boost multiple sectors

The fifth generation of mobile telecommunications (5G), which Greece moves a step closer to on Wednesday with the auction of available bandwidth, is based on higher frequencies and on a greater section of the frequency spectrum, allowing for data to reach a higher number of appliances compared to the past, and faster too.

Education Ministry provides zero-rating access to platforms for distance learning

Education Minister Niki Kerameus and Digital Governance Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis have secured zero-rating cellphone access to government platforms being used for distance learning by schools during the coronavirus pandemic, the Education Ministry announced on Monday.

Internet use soars amid lockdown

Greece has seen an increase of at least 50 percent in internet use in recent days following the government's decision to restrict citizens' movements to slow the spread of the new coronavirus, according to officials at the Digital Governance Ministry who indicated however that telecommunications networks are handling the strain so far.