Vote counting

Local Elections in Bulgaria: Voter Turnout as of 11:00 am is at 12.3%

Voter turnout for the whole country as of 11:00 am is at 12.3%, Central Election Commission Spokesperson Rositsa Mateva said at a briefing Saturday at 11:30 am. 

The lowest turnout is registered in Plovdiv - 7.25%, and the highest in Bolyarovo Municipality (Southeastern Bulgaria) - 33.94%.

2021 Elections: 2in1 Vote for Bulgarians Abroad - 760 Sections will be Opened in 68 Countries

There will be 760 sections abroad in 68 countries, said Ivan Kondov - head of a working group for voting abroad at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, BNR reported.

He described as the biggest difficulty the delivery of machines and ballots to all sections abroad in a possible second round of the presidential election.

CEC Set Rules of Video Recording and Broadcasting in Election Day

The Central Election Commission has determined the conditions and rules for video recording and video broadcasting, taking into account the results of the voting in the polling stations.

It will take place after the end of the Election day - when the voting is declared over, during which the recording of voters' lists is not allowed.

Golden Dawn says will seek recount

The extreme right Golden Dawn party says it plans to request a nationwide ballot recount after it narrowly failed to reach the 3 percent threshold of votes required to enter parliament in Sunday's general election.

In a statement, the party said it planned to take the legal action to challenge what it described as a "scandalous result."

Serbia's Old-Style Voting System Deemed 'Hack-Proof'

Ahead of the elections in the Serbian capital scheduled for March 4, Serbia's outdated voting system has one advantage: it is immune from potential hack attacks, experts say.

"The most susceptible system to hacking is the e-voting system, which Serbia doesn't have and will not have any time soon," Bojan Klacar, from the Center for Free Elections and Democracy, CeSid, told BIRN.